Terms & Conditions



To make a room reservation at Blue Bell Inn motel, you must be a person with legal age in Canada. You can make reservations using our website, phone call, or email.


Payment must be settled upon arrival. You can use debit card or credit card to make your payment at Blue Bell Inn motel.


Reservations may be cancelled 24 hours before check-in. For cancellation, you may send an email to the Blue Bell Inn management or get in touch via phone call.


The check-in time at Blue Bell Inn motel is 4:00 PM and the check-out time is 11:00 AM. To request early check-in or late check-out, you must get in touch with our management via email or phone call. Additional charges of early check-in or late check-out may apply.


Our establishment has both smoking and non-smoking rooms. Guests are requested to respect the policies set forth for smoking and non-smoking rooms. If one of the occupants or guests smokes inside a non-smoking room, a certain amount in the form of a penalty will be added to your bill.

Damage to Property

You will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the motel property caused by yourself or members accompanying you. If something is broken or vandalised, a certain amount of fine will be charged.

Prohibited Activities/Goods

Bringing prohibited goods or any other article of hazardous or combustible nature and goods of objectionable nature is strictly prohibited at the motel property. The guests shall be held responsible for loss or damages caused by these goods. Gambling, prostitution, contraband, weapons, explosives, poinsons, drugs and flammable objects are striclty prohibited at motel premises.

Guest’s Belongings

Guests are requested to lock the door before going to bed. Motel management is not responsible for losses or damage, theft, and vandalism caused to your personal belongings.

Motel Management’s Rights

It is agreed that guests will conduct themselves in a respectable manner and not cause any annoyance or disturbance at motel premises. Motel management reserves the right to make guests vacate room/rooms without any notice if the guests fail to do so.

Rv Park 


Refunds for unused part of your stay at RV park shall not be entertained. Any extras such as chairs, firepits, or benches not used will not be refunded. The Blue Bell Inn management will not entertain refunds in case your stay is affected by any act of God such as major storms, extreme precipitation, wildfires but not limited to road closures, forest closures, etc. 


Payment for your reservation at Blue Bell Inn RV park shall be made in advance. Once we receive the full amount in advance, we will confirm your reservation at our RV park. We accept payments from debit cards and credit cards. 

Lost & Found

Blue Bell Inn is not responsible for any item lost or stolen during your stay at our RV park. If you believe you lost or left an item at our property, please request the management immediately to check for personal items. However, the management makes no guarantee to be able to find and return the lost item.

Damaged or Missing Inventory

If anything that belongs to Blue Bell Inn is found damaged, vandalised, or lost, the guests will be held responsible for that. The recovery amount will be charged according to the loss or damage incurred.


The standard opening and closing date of Blue Bell Inn RV park is 1 May and 31 September respectively. We hope to see the RV park on the mentioned dates. However, the opening and closing of the RV park may change based on winter snowfall, run-off water, or damage to the RV park.

Management’s Rights

It is agreed that guests or campers will conduct themselves in a respectable manner and not cause any nuisance, annoyance, or disturbance at the RV park. The RV park management reserves the right to make guests vacate the RV spot or site without any notice if the guests fail to do so.

Gas Station


After refueling your vehicle at our gas station, you can pay for it using cash, Petro-Canada gift cards, select credit cards and select debit cards. 


Smoking at Blue Bell Inn’s Petro Canada gas station is strictly prohibited. Anyone found smoking shall be fined with a certain amount. The payment of the fine shall be made at the payment counter of the gas station. 

Driver’s Negligence

If Blue Bell Inn’s gas station comes across any damage, vandalism, or loss due to the negligence of a vehicle driver, the person shall be held responsible for the losses incurred by the management. The driver will be held responsible for the recovery of losses. The recovery shall be made on the spot.

Wrong Fuel

The Blue Bell Inn management shall not be responsible if a vehicle driver refuels his/her vehicle with a wrong fuel. We will not be responsible for the loss or damage wrong fuel may cause to your vehicle. The driver of the vehicle will be solely responsible for the loss incurred.


We do not run any kind of discount or promotional campaign at our gas station. The prices at our gas station are subject to the federal and provincial government’s decision. Taxes and prices of different fuels are determined by federal and provincial governments. 

Loss/Fuel Wastage

If a case of fuel wastage is reported to the Blue Bell Inn management, the person responsible for it shall be held for the recovery of losses. A fine or penalty may also be levied on the responsible person for showing negligence at a gas station. 

Convenience Store


As a mode of payment, we accept cash, select credit cards, and select debit cards. If the payment is declined through debit card or credit card, you may pay the amount through cash. Apart from these modes of payment, we do not offer any credit or ‘buy now pay later’ facility to our customers. 


We do not accept returns or refunds at our convenience store. Once billed, a customer can not return any item to the store and ask for a refund. In no circumstance management shall entertain any return or refund query.  

Price & Availability 

From time to time, products you order may not be available at our convenience store. The Blue Bell Inn does not set the prices of the products mentioned on our website. Product descriptions available on our website are only for referential purposes and are uploaded with an intention to offer you convenience while ordering products. 


You will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the convenience store caused by yourself or persons accompanying you. The store management reserves the right to extract CCTV recordings or footage to identify the responsible person. The management even reserves the right to take a legal action with the help of legal authorities against the person responsible for the damage or loss. 

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