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Stone Mountain Provincial Park

Stone Mountain Provincial Park is spread over 25,691 hectares of mountain wilderness. Stone Mountain Provincial Park introduces Alaska Highway travelers to amazing landscapes and incredible wildlife experiencing opportunities in the northern Rocky Mountains. For the more adventuresome, backcountry hiking routes end near the mountain valleys decorated with alpine meadows and lakes. Hikers and campers need to be prepared all the time for all weather conditions in this changeable climate.

Always carry first-aid things and extra clothing and food with yourself. Water sources in the backcountry may carry giardia or other parasites. It is important to boil or filter the water when in the backcountry. You need to take special care in alpine and sub-alpine areas. These areas are among the most fragile because of the severe conditions and short growing season. 

Distance: The Stone Mountain Provincial Park is 123 kms far from Blue Bell Inn.

Estimated Time: Approx. 1 hr 20 min via BC-97N.

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