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Phoenix Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre is a 250-seat stage house incorporating the finest sound and lights in an intimate environment. Being a live theater by design, the Phoenix Theatre also serves the community as a movie theatre, rental facility, art gallery, and convention center. The Phoenix Theatre has been host to numerous fine artists, bands, and live entertainers over the years. It has also served as a venue for special functions, events, and weddings, with various rooms available for rent to accommodate approximately 20 to 250 people.

The Phoenix Theatre started as a vision that citizens of Fort Nelson had to create a local space for community theatre and art events. All thanks to hard-working, dedicated community members, the Phoenix Theatre opened to the public in 1992.              

Distance: The Phoenix Theatre is 1.4 kms far from Blue Bell Inn.

Estimated Time: Approx. 3 min via BC-97N.

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