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Muncho Lake Provincial Park

Spectacular folded mountains, amazingly colored wildflowers, and bountiful wildlife are just a few of the wonders to discover when you are at Muncho Lake Provincial Park. In the southern portion of the Muncho Lake Provincial Park, you will get to see the very impressive geological formations of Folded Mountain towering above the road. These mountains have got their unique appearance because of the tectonic deformations that have folded the limestone. Furthermore, along the highway, you will have the opportunity to travel across the alluvial fans. 

You get the choice of camping at Strawberry Flats campground or at MacDonald campground, which is 11 km further towards the north. The Muncho lake’s cold, deep waters, tinted green by minerals, are home to lake trout, whitefish, arctic grayling, and bull trout.   

Distance: The Muncho Lake Provincial Park is 240 kms far from Blue Bell Inn.  

Estimated Time: Approx. 2 hr 50 min via BC-97N.

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